If your new Phoenix SEO company doesn’t do this then you’re in trouble…

Considering hiring a Phoenix SEO company? Voxy Marketing shared with us a few of the things they do with all of their clients. So sit back and relax.

Why SEO?

With 66% of all clicks on Google going to the first 3 results, it pays to be on top. Voxy is dedicated to ranking your site at the top of the SERP’s. We use a mixture of link building, social signals, content marketing, and other Google approved methods to get your site the ranking it deserves. SEO can be confusing and we understand that, that’s why we offer our free SEO evaluation to give you the knowledge needed to make a decision.

93.3% of SMB websites are not mobile compatible and will not render successfully on mobile devices or smartphones. What does this mean for your business? Simply put, you are loosing business to your competition who has already made the switch over to a responsive website.

If you are not online, you are not engaging the single largest advertising space available to you. However, just having an online presence does not cut it in today’s ever changing online world. While 49% of sites fail to comply with basic usability principles.

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The Usual Phoenix SEO Proccess

1. Evaluation

We evaluate your site from the inside out. We take a look at your content, links, social signals, reviews, and just about anything you can think of pertaining to your online presence. Next, we come up with a plan of attack and show you how we are going to get you to the top.

2. Action

After going over our plan of attack, we start the process. We guarantee you will see results, or you don’t pay us a dime. Our typical plan of action includes: link building, creating content, gathering social signals, and other proven and ethical methods to rank your site.

3. Maintenance

We promise we will get your site to the top, and keep it there. The hard work doesn’t really start until we get you to the top. We have time tested methods to keep your site at the top which include: building back links from authority sites, gaining followers on your social media, and other tactics that our clients tend to love.

The Web Design Proccess

1. Evaluation

Whether you just want us to touch your website up or let us help you build your dream site, it all starts here. We figure out what your competitors are doing, who were targeting, and lay out our goals. We build out the perfect Phoenix SEO strategy. 

2. Planning

Before we pull the trigger on anything, we will lay out our plan for you. This includes the site maps, color schemes, and all the magic that goes into our stunning websites.

3. Design

After planning we start working on the design and layout of the site. We are always in contact to keep you updated throughout the process.

4. Content

The bread and butter of the site. Whether you have content already or we create it for you, we make sure everything is optimized for search engines

5. Develop

In this stage your dream site finally starts to become a reality. The website is starting to be built and the content is being loaded.

6. Testing

We are never happy until we here you say, “I love it!” That’s what separates us from the rest.


Get ready to take on your new business

What makes them different than other Phoenix SEO firms

Voxy knows how overwhelming the world of online marketing can be. Let us be your guide to the online world. Whether you need a custom built website or a logo for your business card, we have the solutions you need with the most competitive pricing in the industry,

We work with every industry from plumbers to lawyers and everything in between. We know SEO in phoenix more than anyone. When you team up with Voxy, you know you are dealing with a company who knows the ins and outs of the online marketing world. Not only will we provide you with the highest quality solution at the most affordable price in the industry, but we will also leave you with knowledge that will last you a lifetime.

With Voxy, we don’t just deliver a product, we deliver knowledge. Our account managers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whatever questions that may surface, we are here to help you no matter how long ago the sale was made.

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